Acceptable Use of Computing and Communication Resources Policy


As a part of the physical and social learning infrastructure, Mount Royal University acquires, develops, and maintains its own computers, computer systems, and networks. These computing resources are intended for institutional-related purposes, including direct and indirect support of Mount Royal University's instruction, research, service missions, and administrative functions. These computing resources are also intended for student and campus life activities and the free exchange of ideas among members of the Mount Royal community and wider local, national, and world communities. The use of Mount Royal computing resources, like the use of any other institution-provided resource and any other institutional-related activity, is subject to compliance with legal and ethical behavior within the Mount Royal community. Mount Royal's Information Technology Services Department is available to assist, advise and consult with users on the proper use of institutional computer resources and interpretation of the Policy. If there are any questions or uncertainty about the Policy, users are encouraged to contact the Chief Information Officer or their designate for clarification. This Policy should be read in conjunction with the following policies: Employees Safe Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Public Interest Disclosure Policy, Safe Disclosure Policy - Non Employees, Code of Student Conduct, Personal Harassment Policy, Human Rights Policy, and Offensive/Discriminatory Material as well as all other Mount Royal University policies.


This Policy outlines the general usage policy all users of Mount Royal University computer and communication resources must abide by. Mount Royal computing and communication resources are provided for "institutional-related purposes." Recognizing, however, it may be difficult to distinguish between personal use and "institutional- related" uses, the costs associated with occasional personal use, the costs associated with enforcing a flat prohibition, and the benefits that may accrue to Mount Royal from increased experience and familiarity of its users with available computing resources, "incidental" personal use is permitted only to the extent that there is compliance with University standards as well as federal, provincial and municipal law and regulations.


Compliance with University Policies and Procedures extends to all members of the University community. This Policy applies to all users of Mount Royal University owned or licensed computing resources, whether on campus or from remote locations. Additional policies may apply to specific computers, computer systems, or networks provided or operated by specific units of Mount Royal. Mount Royal computer and communication resources are defined to include but are not limited to such devices as desktop computers, laptop/tablet computers, monitors, hard drives, disk space, printers, scanners, network devices, data capable phones (smartphones), internet access and networks provided by the University, including computer labs, and software acquired by Mount Royal. This Policy is also extended to include any computer system or resource that is owned or managed by Mount Royal University regardless of its location.



All users of Mount Royal University computer resources must:


Comply with all federal, provincial, and other applicable statutes; all applicable Mount Royal policies and procedures; and all applicable contracts and licenses. Such laws, rules, policies and procedures, contracts, and licenses include, but are not limited to, the laws of defamation, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity, Mount Royal's Code of Student Conduct, Human Rights Policy and Personal Harassment Policy as well as the Criminal Code of Canada which prohibits "hacking," "cracking," and similar activities. Users who engage in electronic communications with persons in other provinces or countries or on other systems or networks should be aware that they may also be subject to the laws of those other provinces and countries and the policies and procedures of those other networks. Users are fully responsible for ascertaining, understanding, and complying with the laws, rules, policies and procedures, contracts and licenses applicable to their particular uses.


Use only those computing resources that they are authorized to use and they may use them only in the manner and to the extent authorized. The technical ability to access computing resources does not necessarily mean there is authorization to do so. Users are responsible for ascertaining the necessary authorizations and to obtain them before proceeding.


Only consume the amount of resources required to perform an authorized task at Mount Royal University. Although there is no set bandwidth, disk space, CPU time, or other limit applicable to all uses of Mount Royal computing resources, Mount Royal may require users of those resources to limit or refrain from specific uses in accordance with this principle or other policies and procedures outlined by Mount Royal. Users are also required to use printing, scanning and copying resources responsibly. Users are expected to manage file storage based on University Records Retention Policy and their needs.


Be aware that their use of Mount Royal University computing resources is not completely private. While Mount Royal does not routinely monitor individual usage of its computing resources, the normal operation and maintenance of Mount Royal resources require the backup and caching of data and communications, the logging of activity, the monitoring of general usage patterns, the scanning of systems and network ports for anomalies and vulnerability, and other activities that are necessary for the rendition of services.


Respect the privacy of other users and their accounts, regardless of whether those accounts are securely protected. Having the ability to access other person(s) accounts does not necessarily mean there is authorization to do so. Users are responsible for ascertaining the necessary authorizations and to obtain them before proceeding. Respect the privacy of others by not tampering with their passwords, accounts or files, or by representing others when messaging, conferencing or accessing electronic resources. Respect the rights of others by complying with all University policies regarding sexual, racial and other forms of harassment and by preserving the privacy of personal data to which you have access.


Not use Mount Royal University computing resources for user's commercial purposes - for personal financial or other gain. Note that using computing resources for these purposes, under some circumstances, may be illegal.


Note that materials not subject to legal sanction may be objectionable or extremely offensive to persons other than the computer user. Importation or distribution of such material (including, but not limited to racist material, hate literature, sexist slurs or sexually explicit material) is permitted for academic or research purposes as long as it complies with Mount Royal's Offensive/Discriminatory Materials Policy. In some cases, it is recommended that prior consultation with a Faculty Member, Chair or Dean be obtained to ensure that Mount Royal's community and ethical standards are maintained. Consultation with the Information Technology Services Department or University Library is available in order to facilitate those activities.


Note that users are not permitted to remove or disable any security software installed by Information Technology Services from workstations connected to the Mount Royal network. This includes, but not limited to, anti-virus software, workstation management software, and agent components thereof.


Note that all software installed on Mount Royal University-owned systems must be properly licensed to Mount Royal. Users are typically not permitted to install software on any Mount Royal-owned device unless specifically authorized to do so. Users are encouraged to work with Information Technology Services on the acquisition and installation of any software required to do their work for Mount Royal.


Keep in mind that users of Mount Royal computing and network resources are responsible and accountable for their actions and statements in the electronic working and learning environment.


Make every effort to prevent the unauthorized disclosure and distribution of information that is the property of Mount Royal University.


Not intentionally introduce viruses into Mount Royal computer systems.


Abide by specific Student Guidelines (see Appendix A) if attending Mount Royal University as a student either part time or full time.


Note that users of Mount Royal University-owned devices used at home must still abide by this Policy statement as well as other Mount Royal policies including, but not limited to, Internet and Network Access at Mount Royal University.


If Mount Royal University learns that there is an inappropriate use of Mount Royal computing resources that conflicts with this outlined Policy, Mount Royal may take disciplinary action. The Information Technology Services Department will investigate properly identified allegations/suspicions to ensure compliance with applicable, federal and provincial laws and with institutional policies and procedures and report all such incidents by employees to the Associate Vice-President, Human Resources or such incidents by students to the Office of Student Conduct.


(1) Policy: means the Acceptable Use of Computing and Communication Resources Policy

(2) University: means Mount Royal University